Tools & Skills

  • Reading, interpreting, and editing drawings

  • AutoCAD

  • Digesting and clearly presenting large amounts of data

  • Excel, Word, Powerpoint

  • Airtable

My most recent experience brought me to a park I grew up with! I performed audits to ensure the safety of the resort's dozens of attractions and worked on various facets of their documentation.

  • Performed comprehensive audits according to Disney and California state standards

      • General observations of ride structure, systems, and queue

      • Ride operators and opening checklists

      • Overnight shifts with ride mechanics for daily inspections and corrective maintenance

      • Assisted with DOSH California safety inspectors in their annual audits of each attraction

  • Optimized the Manufacturer's Requirements for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance by condensing sections with large assemblies, aligning it with the original design intent in conjunction with Walt Disney World teams

  • Edited AutoCAD drawings of the Ride Perimeter Doors to reflect as-built for Snow White's Enchanted Wish (after its major refurb) and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

  • Audited all Second Set of Eyes items across the resort and worked with the Sustaining, Planning, and Quality Engineering departments to resolve inconsistencies and remove unnecessary requirements

  • Assisted with a project to streamline the daily maintenance checks at Finding Nemo Submarine voyage by interviewing various teams to reach an agreement on what checks could safely be extended in time

RIDE TECHNICIAN | SeaWorld San Diego


Before entering the engineering field, I got important hands-on experience as a mechanic at SeaWorld.

  • When I first arrived, the priority was to rehabilitate some rides that were still closed because of the pandemic closure

  • The biggest task was the water coaster Journey to Atlantis

      • Rebuilt wheel assemblies

      • Fixed broken and leaky air lines

      • Replaced rusted brakes

      • Climbed up the main drop in a harness to replace the guide wheel rails

  • Daily inspected three family attractions before park opening

  • Later was trained to daily inspect the launch coaster Manta

      • Rebuilt wheels, wheel bogies, and other fixes on the vehicles

  • Quickly troubleshooted any faults or downtimes during the day

  • Designed simple tools in SOLIDWORKS to assist in routine measurements like wheel wear and lapbar angle at assembly

  • Climbed ladder to the top of the observation tower and assisted with removing parts from machine room

  • Annual rehab of water rapids ride, including replacing wooden boards on the lift

Tools & Skills

  • Reading and interpreting drawings

  • Machine shop tools

  • Torque wrench

  • Man lift, boom lift

  • Fall protection harness and climbing


President | Themed Entertainment Association at UC San Diego


Tools & Skills

  • Project and people management

TEA at UCSD helped me realize the variety and possibility of jobs in this industry. I was so happy to give back to the club as president my senior year.

  • I joined the club at its first meeting in 2018 and immediately began to volunteer in the club through a board position as treasurer

  • Club and its members have won multiple competitions, including the Cornell Theme Park Competition and Iowa State TPEG Ride Engineering Competition

  • Held the title of president my senior year

      • Club continued to meet and grow even when COVID hit just a month after becoming president

      • Fostered individual growth of members through projects and mixers

      • Developed the club by organizing events with guest speakers and in-person tours

Producer | Haunt Comp

2018 - Present

Haunt Comp is a competition with the goal to educate students on the incredible Haunt industry and give them a space to showcase their talents. We started it at UCSD due to our annual scare maze we hosted there, and the competition has since grown into its own impressive event.

  • Helped develop partnerships with industry giants Knott's Scary Farm, Midsummer Scream and The Essential Art Department.

  • Helped create the prompt for each year and the materials that support it, including layout and animatronic specifications

  • Created website and email content

View more information about the competition at

Tools & Skills

  • AutoCAD for layout creation

  • Mailchimp

  • Excel to automatically tally judge scores and results

RIDE OPERATOR | Knott's Berry Farm


Tools & Skills

  • Read and followed attraction SOPs

  • Spanish with various guests

My first job in the industry was during a summer between school years, as a ride operator at Knott's. There, I learned about human interaction with ride systems, as well as interpersonal communication with other rider operators and guests. Perhaps most importantly, I learned I could be at a theme park every day and not get tired of it!

  • Started as an operator at Supreme Scream, an S&S Drop Tower

  • Cross-trained to their headlining roller coaster Ghostrider

  • At both attractions staffed various positions including queue greeter, grouper, tower, station/vehicles, and ADA access

  • Ensured safety and efficiency of guests, while simultaneously striving to create a fun and memorable atmosphere