World of Water

Set in the heart of Vancouver, Seas of Imagination Aquarium is proud to announce its newest addition, World of Water. Guests follow the water cycle through various ecosystems, ending the experience on an innovative and immersive ride experience.

Our team of four from UCSD created World of Water for the 2020 Cornell Theme Park Design Competition. I focused mainly on the technical aspects of the project, and also contributed to the story and concepts.

We received first place in the Technical Analysis Challenge and third overall out of 61 teams from across the nation.


My Role

Technical Deliverable

Tools & Skills

  • AutoCAD



  • ASTM F24 Standards

  • Video Editing


  • Designed our unique ride system and modelled it in Solidworks.

  • Examined acceleration limits within ASTM F24 guidelines and created position, velocity, and acceleration graphs for the ride gondola movement using MATLAB. Cycloidal motion was used to eliminate issues related to acceleration and jerk.

  • Performed an FEA on gondola and support structure and ensured its structural integrity.

  • Provided a power and cost estimate for the ride system use, including a green alternative using solar panels on the show building roof.