The Student Themed Entertainment Project, or STEP, was a student-led and professionally mentored project that brought over 70 students together with the goal to design an entire theme park.

The project rose from the ashes of missed opportunities and cancelled internships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It developed into an incredible experience that forged friendships between students from all over the world that would have otherwise never met.

And thus Stargrove was born. Guests are taken to a whimsical new planet where G.A.T.E. is being held - a world expo out of this world! I joined a team of five to create one of two roller coasters in the park. We were tasked with creating the most thrilling story-driven coaster we could.

The end result was Stargrove Labs: Snakeroot Escape. Guests volunteer to take care of the greenhouse's most prized plant, the Ruby Snakeroot, but it all goes awry when an intruder comes to steal it. Take a ride for yourself!

My Role

Coaster designer

Soundtrack composer

Tools & Skills

  • NoLimits Coaster Simulator

  • Sketchup

  • GuitarPro & Other Music Software

  • Video editing


  • Developed the roller coaster layout with teammates and realized that layout using NoLimits Coaster Simulation.

  • Created basic 3D models in Sketchup and other programs for the coaster simulation.

  • Composed and produced the soundtrack for the ride's onboard audio.

The coaster includes multiple alien characters and a full story to accompany the thrilling twists and turns.

Safety was the most important factor in our design. The queue is fully ADA accessible and we included special trains and harnesses to allow as many people to ride as possible. All forces on the ride are in compliance with ASTM F2291. A dual load station proves a theoretical hourly capacity of 2000 guests.

See more about our design in our STEP Final Gala Presentation video.

Following these safety guidelines, this thrilling adventure still includes exciting, never-seen-before elements.

  • Fake lift hill / surprise launch

  • Backwards launch and switch track

  • Dueling section where one train rides forwards and the other backwards

  • Fast track switch and vertical spike with airtime bump

Watch this short video highlighting these novel elements.