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Senior Design Project: MRI Safe Hybrid-Fluid Actuator

Won the ASME award for best senior design project of a transmission system to drive a rotary actuator with automatic pressurization, water refilling, and actuator alignment.

Ride Engineering Competition hosted by Iowa State

Received first place for work on a detailed mechanical and controls design of a theoretical ride model in accordance with ASTM F24 standards.

Petrified, A Haunted Walkthrough Attraction

Led the 100+ students in designing and building this haunted walk through attraction on our university campus, visited by over 2000 students in its one night event.

World of Water

Won first place in the technical design challenge of the Cornell Theme Park Design Competition for the engineering analysis on our revolutionary "floating theater" design.

STEP: Student Themed Entertainment Project

A student-led and professionally mentored project with the goal to design an entire theme park over one summer after internship cancellations and lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NoLimits Coaster Simulation

Design realistic coasters for competitions and personal use, with attention to g-forces and spatial constraints in real parks.