Walt Disney said, "It all started with a mouse."

For me, it started with a yeti.

The Matterhorn absolutely terrified me as a kid. Only later did I realize it was the monster I was scared by, rather than the ride.

And so, while my friends and family rode on all those big and scary attractions, I sat there wondering— how does it work? Why is it safe? How do the cars not crash into each other?

Why is scary, well, fun?

I didn't know it at the time, but those questions fueled a lifelong desire to investigate, tinker, and think like an engineer. To me, theme parks provided a perfect blend of artistic presentation and engineering mastery, with the occasional psychological torture sprinkled in.

Roller coasters and theme parks had me hooked.

I dove right in. From ride operator to engineering intern, I've continued to learn on a close, detailed level how these machines make magic come to life.


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Yeti photo credit: The Disney Wiki